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Outfield Fence Kits

The original flexible safety fence! Perfect for all levels of play. Flexible posts offer excellent injury protection because they flex and absorb impact 360 degrees and distribute pressure evenly to the fence. Made from high performance materials that are weather resistant and UV protected to offer many years of trouble free use. Durable enough for the most demanding tournaments, yet very economical for those tight budgets. Attractive, easy to set up and portable design will be a home run for any program!

    The netting is an attractive 4' x 150' HDPE knotted net with 1" squares to allow wind flow. Fence is fray resistant and can be field cut to your desired length.
    SMART-POST is one of the safest fence posts available! Measures 5' L x 1-1/4" diameter. Constructed from UV protected nylon for total 360 degree flexibility. Designed to withstand frequent impact and flexing. Won't rust, rot or become brittle. The flexibility evenly distributes pressure to the fence preventing damage and breakage. Eash post includes a safety top cap and 1 adjustable gripper clips to secure the fencing.
    SMART-POST GROUND SLEEVES are used for temporary installation. Ideal if fencing needs to be removed or replaced often. Each ground sleeve measures 12" and includes a yellow debris plug.

Each package includes the following:

  • Knotted net fence
  • Flex-posts offers maximum support - 1 post every 10'
  • safety caps
  • gripper clips (1 per post)
  • yellow anti-sag rope sewn into fence
  • fence ties
  • ground sleeves
  • yellow ground sleeve plugs
  • ground sleeve installation tools
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